For those who want to delve into the issues of energy tests work on the buildings in the book is now available:
“Diagnosi energetica degli edifici: Termografia – Blower door – Termoflussimetro” edito da Maggioli Editore nella collana “Progettazione Tecniche & Materiali”

you can buy it on:


Those who wish to follow a course of thermography can send a request to:

Suitable courses are certified according to UNI EN 473 and ISO 9712 and specific training for the use of diagnostic tools for:
– Energy efficiency the importance of build quality in construction
– Courses blower door
– Cultural objects for architectural restoration
– Electrical systems and industrial processes

Among the courses required by the engineer. David Lanzoni, level 3 certificate in thermography according to UNI EN 473 and ISO 9712:

Libri-termografia_03 Libri-termografia_04

Tra i corsi tenuti dall’ing. Davide Lanzoni, certificato livello 3 in termografia secondo le norme UNI EN 473 e ISO 9712:

Libri-termografia_05Tra gli altri articoli pubblicati:

Libri-termografia_06 Libri-termografia_07